1922 National Football League season
Regular season
Duration October 1, 1922 - December 10, 1922
Champions Canton Bulldogs
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The 1922 NFL season was the 3rd regular season of what was now called National Football League (the league changed their name from American Professional Football Association on June 24). The NFL fielded 18 teams during the season, including new league teams such as the Milwaukee Badgers, the Oorang Indians, the Racine Legion, and the Toledo Maroons. Meanwhile the Chicago Staleys changed their name to the Chicago Bears. The Muncie Flyers, Cleveland Indians, New York Brickley Giants, Cincinnati Celts, Tonawanda Kardex, Washington Senators, and Detroit Tigers dropped out of the league. A 19th team, the Youngstown Patricians, was scheduled to join the league, and had its schedule laid out, but folded before playing in the league. A 20th, the Philadelphia Union Quakers, also was set to join (but presumably not as far along as the Youngstown plans), but did not, due partly to the fact that the Quakers were merely a front for the existing Buffalo All-Americans to play extra games on Saturday. After a four-year hiatus, the Quakers instead joined the American Football League (1926).

The Canton Bulldogs were named the 1922 NFL Champions after ending the season with a 10–0–2 record.

Final standingsEdit

W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PCT= Winning Percentage

Note: Tie games were not officially counted in the standings until 1972

Canton Bulldogs 10021.000
Chicago Bears 930.750
Chicago Cardinals 830.727
Toledo Maroons 522.714
Rock Island Independents 421.667
Racine Legion 641.600
Dayton Triangles 431.571
Green Bay Packers 433.571
Buffalo All-Americans 541.556
Akron Pros 352.375
Milwaukee Badgers 243.333
Oorang Indians 360.333
Minneapolis Marines 130.250
Louisville Brecks 130.250
Evansville Crimson Giants 030.000
Rochester Jeffersons 041.000
Hammond Pros 051.000
Columbus Panhandles 080.000


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