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The 1921 College Football All-America team consists of American football players selected to the College Football All-America Teams selected by various organizations in 1921. The only player selected by all six major selectors in 1921 was Iowa quarterback Aubrey Devine.


  • FW = Football World, based on collected opinions of 267 coaches[1]
  • WC = Walter Camp
  • LP = Lawrence Perry
  • BE = Billy Evans
  • WE = Walter Eckersall
  • JV = Jack Veiock, International News Service Sports Editor[2]
  • MM = Malcolm McLean[3]
  • NB = Norman E. Brown of the Central Press[4]
  • Bold - Consensus All-American[5]
  • 1 - First Team Selection
  • 2 - Second Team Selection
  • 3 - Third Team Selection

All-Americans of 1921


  • Harold "Brick" Muller, California (College Football Hall of Fame) (FW-1; WC-1; JV-3; MM-1; NB-1)
  • Eddie Anderson, Notre Dame (College Football Hall of Fame) (FW-1; BE-2; WE-1; JV-2)
  • Fritz Crisler, Chicago (College Football Hall of Fame) (FW-2; WC-3; LP-2; WE-1; MM-2)
  • James "Red" Roberts, Centre (WC-1; FW-2 [g]; JV-3; MM-2)
  • Warren S. Parr, Navy (LP-1)
  • Paul G. Goebel, Michigan (LP-1)
  • Roger Kiley, Notre Dame (FW-2; WC-2; BE-1; JV-1; MM-1)
  • C.C. Macomber, Harvard (BE-1)
  • Sniveley, Princeton (NB-1)
  • Clarence Swanson, Nebraska (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-2; BE-2)
  • Brodie Stephens, California (WC-3; JV-1)
  • Myers, Ohio State (NB-2)
  • Munns, Cornell (NB-2)
  • Stan McCollum, Penn State (LP-2)
  • Lester Belding Belding, Iowa (FW-3; JV-2)
  • James Reynolds, Georgia (FW-3)


  • Dan McMillan, California (College Football Hall of Fame) (FW-1; WC-3; WE-1; JV-1)
  • Iolas Huffman, Ohio State (FW-1; LP-1; BE-2; JV-2; NB-2)
  • Duke Slater, Iowa (College Football Hall of Fame) (FW-2; WC-2; BE-1; WE-1; JV-1; MM-2)
  • Charles McGuire, Chicago (FW-2; WC-1; BE-2; JV-3; MM-1)
  • Russ Stein, Washington & Jefferson (WC-1)
  • Gullick, Syracuse (NB-1)
  • Buck Shaw, Notre Dame (College Football Hall of Fame) (LP-1)
  • Drumm, Princeton (LP-2)
  • Franklin Cappon, Michigan (NB-2)
  • Albert N. Into, Yale (WC-3; JV-3)
  • James Brader, Wisconsin (FW-3)
  • Century Milstead, Wabash (College Football Hall of Fame) (FW-3)
  • Clyde W. King, Navy (JV-2)
  • Boyle, Univ. South. Calif. (MM-2)


  • John Brown, Harvard (WC-1; LP-1; BE-1; JV-2)
  • Frank Schwab, Lafayette (College Football Hall of Fame) (FW-1; WC-1; LP-2)
  • Stan Keck, Princeton (College Football Hall of Fame) (FW-1; WC-2; LP-2; BE-1; MM-1 [t])
  • Dean Trott, Ohio State (WC-2; LP-1; JV-1)
  • Carney, Navy (BE-1; MM-2)
  • Baer, Penn State (WE-1; MM-1)
  • Robert J. Dunne, Michigan (NB-1)
  • Bedenek, Penn State (WC-2)
  • Redman, Chicago (LP-2; JV-2)
  • John Pucelik, Nebraska (WC-3; WE-1)
  • John Whelchel, Georgia (WC-3)
  • Cruikshank, Yale (BE-2)
  • H. Anderson, Notre Dame (BE-2; JV-1)
  • Buck Shaw, Notre Dame (College Football Hall of Fame) (FW-2)
  • Vogel, Illinois (NB-2)
  • Berquist, Nebraska (NB-2)
  • Carl Peterson, Nebraska (FW-3)
  • Lloyd Pixley, Ohio State (FW-3; NB-1)
  • Fritz Breidster, Army (JV-3)
  • Baker, Princeton (JV-3)
  • Hanson, Cornell (MM-1; NB-1 [t])


  • Herb Stein, Pittsburgh (College Football Hall of Fame) (FW-1; WC-3; LP-2; BE-1; WE-1; JV-1; MM-1)
  • Ernie Vick, Michigan (College Football Hall of Fame) (FW-3; WC-1; WE-3; MM-2)
  • Al Wittmer, Princeton (LP-1; BE-2; JV-2)
  • Wallace, Iowa State (NB-1)
  • Larsen, Army (FW-2; WC-2)
  • George Bunge, Wisconsin (JV-3; MM-2 [g])
  • Larson, Navy (NB-2)


  • Aubrey Devine, Iowa (College Football Hall of Fame) (FW-1 [hb]; WC-1; LP-1; BE-1; WE-1; JV-1 [hb]; MM-1; NB-2)
  • Bo McMillin, Centre (College Football Hall of Fame) (FW-1; WC-2; LP-1 [hb]; BE-2; JV-2; MM-1; NB-1)
  • Donold Lourie, Princeton (WC-3)
  • Milt Romney, Chicago (FW-2; LP-2)
  • Charles O'Hearn, Yale (FW-3)
  • Hoge Workman, Ohio State (JV-3)


  • Glenn Killinger, Penn State (College Football Hall of Fame) (FW-1; WC-1; LP-1; BE-1; JV-1 [qb])
  • Malcolm Aldrich, Yale (FW-2; WC-1; LP-2; BE-1; WE-1; JV-1; MM-1; NB-1)
  • George Owen, Harvard (College Football Hall of Fame) (FW-2 [fb]; WC-2; BE-1 [fb]; WE-1 [fb]; JV-1 [fb]; NB-2)
  • Tom Davies, Pittsburgh (College Football Hall of Fame) (FW-2; WC-2; BE-2 [fb])
  • Walter E. French, Army (WC-3)
  • Steve Barchet, Navy (WC-3)
  • Irving "Crip" Toomey, California (FW-3; BE-2; JV-2)
  • Paul Castner, Notre Dame (JV-2)
  • Al Elliott, Wisconsin (JV-3; NB-2)
  • Red Barron, Georgia Tech (JV-3)
  • Locke, Iowa (MM-1; NB-1 [fb])
  • Robertson, Dartmouth (MM-2)
  • Fitts, Harvard (MM-2)
  • Bradshaw, Nevada (MM-2)
  • Elliott, Wisconsin (NB-2)


  • Eddie Kaw, Cornell (College Football Hall of Fame) (FW-3 [hb]; WC-1; LP-2; BE-2 [hb]; WE-1 [hb]; MM-2)
  • G.A. "Gap" Powell, Oregon Aggies (FW-1; MM-1)
  • John Mohardt, Notre Dame (WC-2; LP-1 [hb])
  • Jack Crangle, Illinois (LP-2)
  • Judy Harlan, Georgia Tech (WC-3; FW-3)
  • Joe Lightner, Penn State (JV-2; NB-1 [hb])
  • Hank Garrity, Princeton (JV-3)
  • Hewitt, Pittsburgh (NB-2)


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