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The 1920 College Football All-America team consists of American football players selected to the College Football All-America Teams selected by various organizations for the 1920 college football season.


  • WC = Walter Camp[1]
  • UP = Henry L. Farrell, United Press Staff Correspondent[2]
  • WE = Walter Eckersall, of the Chicago Tribune[3]
  • NEA = Newspaper Association of America, by Dean Snyder[4][5]
  • LP = Lawrence Perry, "acknowledged authority on college sports," for the Consolidated Press[6]
  • INS = International News Service, selected by Jake Velock[7]
  • FW = Football World magazine[8]
  • MS = Frank Menke Syndicate, Frank G. Menke (sporting editor King Features Syndicate)[8]
  • NYT = The New York Times[9]
  • Bold - Consensus All-American[10]
  • 1 - First Team Selection
  • 2 - Second Team Selection
  • 3 - Third Team Selection

All-Americans of 1920


  • Charles Carney, Illinois (WC-1; UP-1; WE-1; NEA-1; LP-1; INS-2)
  • Bill Fincher, Georgia Tech (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1)
  • Luke Urban, Boston College (WC-2; LP-1; FW; MS; NYT)
  • Eddie Anderson, Notre Dame (College Football Hall of Fame) (UP-1; NEA-2)
  • Armant Legendre, Princeton (WC-2; UP-3; WE-1; LP-2; INS-1; FW)
  • Carroll, Washington & Jefferson (NYT)
  • Frank Weston, Wisconsin (WE-2; NEA-2; LP-2; INS-3; MS)
  • Lester Belding, Iowa (WE-2; INS-2)
  • Eddie Ewen, Navy (WC-3)
  • Harold "Brick" Muller, California (WC-3; NEA-1)
  • Roger Kiley, Notre Dame(INS-1)
  • Clarence Swanson, Nebraska (College Football Hall of Fame) (INS-3)
  • Cyril E. Myers, Ohio State (UP-3)


  • Stan Keck, Princeton (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; UP-1; WE-1; NEA-1; LP-1; INS-1; FW; MS; NYT)
  • Ralph Scott, Wisconsin (WC-1; NEA-2)
  • Bertrand Gulick, Syracuse (UP-1; INS-1; NYT)
  • Angus Goetz, Michigan (WC-2)
  • Dan McMillan, Cal (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-2)
  • Tillie Voss, Detroit (WC-3; WE-1)
  • Gus Sonnenberg, Dartmouth (WE-2; UP-3; NEA-1; LP-2)
  • Bill Fincher, Georgia Tech (College Football Hall of Fame) (LP-1)
  • Frank Coughlin, Notre Dame (WE-2; INS-2)
  • Thomas V. Dickens, Yale (WC-3; INS-3)
  • Roy "Soupy" Smoot, Oklahoma (NEA-2)
  • Elton Wieman, Michigan (LP-2)
  • Bob Sedgwick, Harvard (INS-2; FW)
  • Clyde W. King, Navy (UP-3; INS-3)


  • Tim Callahan, Yale (WC-1; UP-1; INS-1)
  • Tom Woods, Harvard (WC-1; NEA-2; LP-1; INS-2; FW; NYT)
  • Iolas Huffman, Ohio State (LP-1; MS)
  • Percy W. Griffiths, Penn State (UP-1; WE-2; NEA-1; INS-1; FW)
  • John Acosta, Yale (WE-1; NEA-2)
  • James R. Tolbert, Harvard (WE-1; NEA-1; MS)
  • Harold Hess, Penn State (NYT)
  • Edward E. Wilkie, Navy (WC-2; UP-3)
  • Fritz Breidster, Army (WC-3; WE-2)
  • Dean Trott, Ohio State (WC-3)
  • La Bey, Georgia Tech (LP-2)
  • George Hartong, Chicago (LP-2)
  • John L. Taylor, Ohio State (INS-2)
  • Charles McGuire, Chicago (INS-3; MS)
  • Albert W. T. Mohr, Illinois (INS-3)


  • Herb Stein, Pittsburgh (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; WE-2; MS)
  • Joe Alexander, Syracuse (WC-2 [g]; UP-1; NEA-2; INS-1; FW; NYT)
  • Polly Wallace, Ames (WE-1)
  • "Texas Bill" Cunningham, Dartmouth (WC-2; INS-2)
  • Charles Havemeyer, Harvard (WC-3)
  • Jack Depler, Illinois (NEA-1)
  • George Bunge, Wisconsin (LP-1; UP-3 [g])
  • Andrew J. Nemecek, Ohio State (LP-2)
  • Day, Nebraska (INS-3)
  • Jack Heaphy, Boston College (UP-3)



  • Gaylord Stinchcomb, Ohio State (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; WE-1; NEA-2; LP-1; INS-2; MS)
  • Charles Way, Penn State (WC-1; UP-1; INS-1)
  • Tom Davies, Pittsburgh (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-2; UP-1; WE-2; INS-2; FW; MS; NYT)
  • Phil White, Oklahoma (NEA-1)
  • Hinkey Haines, Penn State (WC-3; WE-2; NEA-2)
  • Jimmy Leech, Virginia Military Institute (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-3; UP-3)
  • George Owen, Harvard (INS-3)


  • George Gipp, Notre Dame (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; UP-1; WE-1 [hb]; NEA-1 [hb]; LP-1 [hb]; INS-1 [hb]; MS; FW)
  • Arnold Horween, Harvard (WC-3; WE-1; NEA-1; LP-2; INS-1)
  • Hank Garrity, Princeton (WC-2 [hb]; LP-1; NYT [hb])
  • Walter French, Army (WC-2; LP-2 [hb]; INS-3; FW)
  • Robertson, Dartmouth (NYT)
  • Jack Crangle, Illinois (WE-2; NEA-2; INS-2)
  • Buck Flowers, Georgia Tech (UP-3 [hb]; INS-3)
  • Fred Strauss, Penn (UP-3)


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