The 1920 All-Pacific Coast football team consists of American football players chosen by various organizations for All-Pacific Coast teams for the 1920 college football season.

All-Pacific Coast selections[edit | edit source]

Quarterback[edit | edit source]

Halfbacks[edit | edit source]

Fullback[edit | edit source]

  • Jesse B. Morrison, California (AS-1)
  • Lloyd Gillis, Washington State (ODJ-1)

Ends[edit | edit source]

  • Robert A. Berkey, California (AS-1)
  • Harold Muller, California (AS-1, ODJ-1)
  • Martin Howard, Oregon (ODJ-1)

Tackles[edit | edit source]

  • Stanley Barnes, California (AS-1)
  • Dan McMillan, California (AS-1)
  • E. Leslie, Oregon (ODJ-1)
  • Fred Hamilton, Washington State (ODJ-1)

Guards[edit | edit source]

  • Olin C. Majors, California (AS-1, ODJ-1)
  • Lee D. Cranmer, California (AS-1)
  • Carl Mautz, Oregon (ODJ-1)

Centers[edit | edit source]

  • George H. Latham, California (AS-1)
  • Earl Dunlap, Washington State (ODJ-1)

Key[edit | edit source]

AS = Andy Smith, head coach of California, picking all 11 first-team players from his own squad[1]

ODJ = Oregon Daily Journal[2]

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