The 1919 Chicago Cardinals season was their last season as a independent team. The team finished 4-2-3.

1919 Racine Cardinals season
Head Coach
Home Field
Record 4-2-3
Playoff Finish
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1919 Chicago Racine Cardinals


Sun 09/28/1919A Hammond All-Stars 0- 0 T Hammond, IN Hammond Park1700
Sun 10/12/1919A Chicago Pullman Thorns6- 0 W Chicago, ILWhitman & Barnes Field Postponed from 10/5
Sun 10/19/1919A Moline Fans Association7- 7 T Moline, IL 1750
Sun 10/26/1919H Chicago Pullman Thorns 6- 0 W Chicago, IL
Sun 11/02/1919A Chicago Logan Square Athletic Club10- 7 W Chicago, IL Logan Square Park
Sun 11/09/1919AChicago Calerton Athletic Club6- 7 L Chicago, IL DePaul Field
Sun 11/23/1919A Chicago Austin Stayms20- 13 W Chicago, IL 3000
Thu 11/27/1919A Chicago Standard Athletic Club7- 28 L Chicago, IL
Sun 11/30/1919H South Bend Arrows - Chicago, IL Canceled
Sun 12/19/1919A Chicago Austin Stayms 14- 14 T Chicago, IL
Sun 01/04/1920N Chicago Roseland Tornadoes Chicago, ILDexter Park Pavilion


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