The 1912 College Football All-America team consists of American football players selected to the College Football All-America Teams selected by various organizations in 1912. The organizations that chose the teams included Collier's Weekly selected by Walter Camp, Leslie's Weekly, and the New York Evening Telegram.


All-Americans of 1912Edit




  • Stanley B. Pennock, Harvard (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC–1; RE-1; ASH-1; TC-1; PHD-1; PW-1; TET-1)
  • W. John Logan, Princeton (WC–1; ASH-1)
  • John H. Brown, Jr., Navy (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-3; PHD-1; PW-1)
  • Rip Shenk, Princeton (RE–1; TET-1)
  • Carroll T. Cooney, Yale (WC-2; WJM - 1)
  • Howe, Navy (TC – 1)
  • Kulp, Brown (WC-2)
  • Bennett, Dartmouth (WC-3)


  • Hank Ketcham, Yale (College Football Hall of Fame (WC–1; RE-1; WJM-1; ASH-1; TC-1; PW-1; TET-1)
  • Benson, Lafayette (PHD–1)
  • Parmenter, Harvard (WC-2)
  • Bluthenthal, Princeton (WC-3)


  • George Crowther, Brown (WC–1; WJM-1)
  • Eddie Gillette, Wisconsin (ASH-1; TC-1)
  • Pat Pazetti, Lehigh (WC-2; PHD-1; PW-1)
  • Everett Bacon, Wesleyan (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-3; RE-1)
  • Gardner, Harvard (TET-1)



  • F. LeRoy Mercer, Penn (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC–1)
  • Wallace "Butch" De Witt, Princeton (RE–1)
  • Percy Wendell, Harvard (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-2; WJM-1)
  • Spencer Armstrong Pumpelly, Yale (WC-3)
  • Ray Eichenlaub, Notre Dame (College Football Hall of Fame) (ASH-1)
  • Huntington "Tack" Hardwick, Harvard (College Football Hall of Fame) (TC-1)
  • Mauthe, Penn State (PW-1)


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