Muncie City Team - 1911 (disbanded after 10/29 game)

Muncie All-Stars - 1911 (reorganized as All-Stars in early November)

Date Day H/A Opponent Score Atten W/L/T Location Field Comments 09/24 Sun A Redkey Boosters 0-5 L Redkey 10/01 Sun 10/08 Sun A Gas City Tigers 0-0 T Gas City 10/15 Sun (1) 10/22 Sun H Newcastle Maxwell-Briscoes 5-8 L Muncie McCulloch Park (2) 10/29 Sun A Muncie Congerville AC 0-5 L Muncie Westside Park (3)

11/12 Sun A Gas City Tigers (4) 11/17 Fri A Anderson Brocks Anderson (5) 11/23 Thu A Wabash AA Wabash (6) 11/26 Sun A Anderson Brocks Anderson

1 - Mgr. Quirk accepts the challenges of Newcastle Smokers and Redkey for a game on 10/15

2 - The Muncie City Team was originally scheduled to play the Fairmount Athletics at Fairmount, but that game was cancelled and the City team played the Newcastle Maxwell-Briscoes.

3 - The 10/31 edition of the Evening Press reported that the team was going to disband because of their poor showing against the lighter Congerville AC team.

4 - The All-Stars were scheduled to play at Gas City on 11/12, but Gas City cancelled to played the Congerville AC

5 - As of 11/14, the All-Stars were scheduled to play in Anderson on 11/17, against the Brocks

6 - This was a tentative game. The Muncie Congerville AC eventually played Wabash on the same date

The 11/01 edition of the Evening Press reported that H. Lewellen was trying to reorganize the team and put a call out to all the old players of the Magic City AA teams (of which Lewellen was a the former president) to try to get a team organized.

The All-Stars never ended up playing any games. 4 games were scheduled, but none were played.

Final Record: 0-3-1 (Muncie City Team)

Players from the old Shamrocks teams and Southside teams will make up this team as reported in the 09/12/11 Evening Press.

Players from the old Southside and Magic City teams made up the City team as reported in the 10/21/11 Muncie Star


Coach: Ray Tuhey

Manager: Edward Quirk 1513 S. Walnut St Muncie IN

Players Name HS/College 09/24 10/08 10/22 10/29 11/12 11/19 11/26 11/30 11/24 11/28 Alexander xyz * RE Andrews LH Arbaugh xz p QB Barth xyz Be/irtsche LE Beoddy xyz Blamey p Brown, L. yz p Cain RG Clark y Coulson LE Croft xyz p Cromer x Delmar x Fletcher xyz * p LH Franks QB George, A. x p RT Henderson FB Henry C Jensma xy Johnson Julian xyz * p C Lewellen, H. x * RH Lewellen, I. FB Lewellen, O x Long z Lowery LG Mahoney, W. xz p McKinley xyz p LT Morris xyz p le Moore RE Omelia z Quirk LG Quirk, E. x p RG Quirk, L p Quirk, P. xyz * p Risher, L. xyz * p rt Risher, P. xyz Shirey yz Shorey re Stillwagon p re Tharp xz p Tuhey, Ray xy qb Walden p Walters z Watterson LT Wiggen z Wilson RH Wolf x Woodring xyz p Wording xyz p

x - was asked to meet for practice on 09//11 for 09/17

y- was asked to join team on 09/12

  • - played in game, position unknown

p - was called to practice before the game

Scoring (touchdowns were worth 5 points in 1911):

10/08 - none

10/15 -

10/22 -

10/29 - Bertsche MFG

Sources: Muncie Evening Press, Muncie Star, Newcastle Daily Courier

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