The 1911 College Football All-America team consists of American football players selected to the College Football All-America Teams selected by various organizations in 1911. The organizations that chose the teams included Collier's Weekly selected by Walter Camp.

All-Americans of 1911



  • Sanford White, Princeton (WC-1; NYG-1; WSF-1; HW-1; CC-1; HL; BM; CSM; SPS)
  • Douglas Bomeisler, Yale (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; WSF-2; CC-1; HL)
  • Stanfield Wells, Michigan(WC-3 [hb]; NYG-1; HW-1; HL)
  • Smith, Harvard (WC-2; WSF-1; HL; BM; CSM)
  • Dexter Very, Penn. State (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-2; HL)
  • Daly, Dartmouth (WSF-2; HL)
  • A. Harry Kallett, Syracuse (WC-3; SPS)
  • Russell "Busty" Ashbaugh, Brown (WC-3)
  • Frederick L. Conklin, Michigan (HL)
  • Oliver, Illinois (HL)
  • Sampson Burd, Carlisle (HL)


  • Edward White, Princeton (WC-1; NYG-1; WSF-1; HW-1; CC-1; HL; BM; CSM; SPS)
  • Leland Devore, Army (WC-1; NYG-1)
  • Jim Scully, Yale (WC-2; WSF-2; CC-1; BM; SPS)
  • Walter B. Elcock, Dartmouth (WSF-1)
  • Frank, Minnesota (HW-1)
  • Robert M. Littlejohn, Army (WSF-2)
  • John H. Brown, Jr., Navy (College Football Hall of Fame), Navy (WC-3)
  • Sylvester V. Shonka, Nebraska (HL)
  • Charles M. Rademacher, Chicago (HL; CSM)
  • Greig, Swarthmore (HL)
  • Rudy Probst, Syracuse (HL)


  • Bob Fisher, Harvard (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; WSF-1; CC-1; BM; CSM; SPS)
  • Joseph Duff, Princeton (WC-1; WSF-1; CC-1; HL; CSM)
  • Alfred L. Buser, Wisconsin (WC-3 [t]; NYG-1; HL [t])
  • Robinson, Minnesota (HW-1)
  • Wakeman, Navy (HW-1)
  • Howe, Navy (NYG-1)
  • Scruby, Chicago (WC-2; HL)
  • Elmer W. McDevitt, Yale (WC-2; WSF-2)
  • Bebont, Penn State (WSF-2)
  • Pomeroy T. Francis, Yale (WC-3; BM)
  • Archibald V. Arnold, Army (WC-3; HL; CSM; SPS)
  • Belting, Illinois (HL)


  • Hank Ketcham, Yale (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; NYG-1; WSF-2; CC-1; HL; SPS)
  • Blumenthal, Princeton (WC-2; WSF-1; HL; BM)
  • Franklin C. Sibert, Army (HW-1)
  • Weems, Navy (WC-3)
  • O'Brien, Iowa (HL)


  • Art Howe, Yale (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; NYG-1; WSF-1; HW-1; CC-1; HL)
  • Earl Sprackling, Brown (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-2; WSF-2; HL; BM)
  • John "Keckie" Moll, Wisconsin (HL; CSM; SPS)
  • Capron, Minnesota (WC-3; HL)
  • Gill, Indiana (HL)
  • Morrison, Van. (HL)
  • Fogg, Syracuse (HL)


  • Percy Wendell, Harvard (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; NYG-1 [fb]; WSF-1; HW-1; CC-1; HL; BM; CSM; SPS [fb])
  • Jim Thorpe, Carlisle (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; WSF-2; CC-1; HL; BM; CSM; SPS)
  • Reuben Rosenwald, Minnesota (WC-2; NYG-1; HW-1; HL)
  • Dalton, Navy (SPS)
  • Walter C. Camp, Jr., Yale (WC-2; WSF-2; HL)
  • Morey, Dartmouth (WC-2)
  • James B. Craig, Michigan (HL)
  • Sauer, Chicago (HL)
  • Elmer Oliphant,Purdue (HL)
  • Spiegel, Lafayette (HL)
  • Costello, Georgetown (HL)


  • Jack Dalton, Navy (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; NYG-1 [hb]; WSF-1 [hb]; CC-1; HL)
  • F. LeRoy Mercer, Penn (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-3 [hb]; WSF-1; HL; CSM)
  • Munck, Cornell (WC-2 [t]; BM)
  • Jesse Philbin, Yale (WSF-1)
  • Snow, Dartmouth (WSF-2)
  • Hudson, Trinity (WC-3)
  • Powell, Carlisle (HL)
  • Dewitt, Princeton (HL)


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