The 1910 College Football All-America team is composed of various organizations that chose College Football All-America Teams that season. The organizations that chose the teams were Collier's Weekly selected by Walter Camp, Leslie's Weekly, and the New York Evening Telegram.

Complaints of Eastern BiasEdit

Even in 1910, complaints were still heard that the All-American selections were unfairly skewed to the Eastern teams, primarily Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Penn, and Brown. In 1910, Walter Camp selected three players from the Western Conference (Albert Benbrook, Stanfield Wells, and James Walker), with the remaining eight all coming from the Eastern schools (including three from Harvard, two from Penn, and one each from Yale, Princeton and Brown). And Camp's list was the most inclusive. Many selectors picked only Eastern players. For example, New York Evening Journal sports writer W.S. Farnsworth's All-American eleven was made up of five players from Harvard, two from West Point, and one each from Yale, Princeton, Penn, and Brown.

The selectors were typically Eastern "experts" who attended only games in the East. In December 1910, The Mansfield News, an Ohio newspaper, ran an article headlined: "ALL-AMERICAN TEAMS OF EAST ARE JOKES: Critics Who Never Saw Western Teams Play to Name Best in Country -- Forget About Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois."[1] The article noted: "Eastern sporting editors must be devoid of all sense of humor, judging by the way in which they permit their football writers to pick 'All-American' elevens. What man in the lot that have picked 'All-American' elevens this fall, saw a single game outside the North Atlantic States? With a conceit all their own they fail to recognize that the United States reaches more than 200 miles in any direction from New York. . . . Suppose an Ohio football writer picked 'All-American' teams. Ohio readers would not stand for it. But apparently the eastern readers will swallow anything."[1]


  • WC = Collier's Weekly as selected by Walter Camp[2]
  • OUT = Outing magazine, honor roll of the game's top players"chosen on the judgement of various coaches of college football elevens"; at some positions multiple selections without designation as first or second teams[3]
  • ES = Evening Standard. This was determined by the consensus among the various Eastern football experts who picked All-American teams.[4]
  • LES = Leslie's Weekly, compiled by Edward R. Bushnell, by polling 16 Eastern experts[5]
  • NYT = The New York Times[6]
  • TC = Tommy Clark[7]
  • NYEJ = Selected by sports writer, W.S. Farnsworth, of the New York Evening Journal[8]
  • NYS = New York Sun[9][10]
  • NYH = New York Herald[9]
  • TEL = New York Telegraph[9]
  • NYEW = New York Evening World[9]
  • Bold - Consensus All-American[11]
  • 1 - First Team Selection
  • 2 - Second Team Selection
  • 3 - Third Team Selection

All-Americans of 1910Edit


  • Stanfield Wells, Michigan (WC–1; OUT)
  • John Kilpatrick, Yale (WC–1; OUT; ES; LES; NYT-1; TC-1; NYEJ; NYS; NYH; TEL; NYEW)
  • L.D. Smith, Harvard (OUT; ES; LES; NYT-1; TC-2; NYS; NYH; TEL)
  • Lewis, Harvard (TC-1; NYEJ)
  • Edward J. Daly, Dartmouth (NYT-2; OUT; NYEW)
  • Springer H. Brooks, Yale (NYT-2)
  • Arthur "Cotton" Berndt, Indiana (OUT)
  • William Marks, Penn (TC-2)


  • Robert McKay, Harvard (WC–1; OUT; ES; LES; NYT-1; TC-1; NYEJ; NYS; TEL; NYEW)
  • James Walker Minnesota (WC–1; TC-1; OUT)
  • James W. "Jim" Scully, Yale (ES; LES; NYT-2; NYS; NYH; TEL; NYEW)
  • Ted Withington, Harvard (NYT-2; OUT; NYEJ; NYH)
  • Ralph W. "Bud" Sherwin, Dartmouth (NYT-1; TC-2)
  • Rodgers, Penn (TC-2)
  • Alfred L. Buser, Wisconsin (OUT)
  • Homer Dutter, Illinois (OUT)
  • Rudolph "Rudy" Probst, Syracuse (OUT)


  • Albert Benbrook, Michigan (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC–1; TC-1; OUT; ES; LES; TEL)
  • Robert Fisher, Harvard (WC–1; OUT; ES; LES; NYT-1; TC-1; NYEJ; NYS; NYH; TEL; NYEW)
  • Weir, West Point (NYEJ)
  • John H. Brown, Jr., Navy (College Football Hall of Fame) (NYT-2; NYS; NYH)
  • Wilson, Princeton (NYT-2; TC-2; NYEW)
  • Minot, Harvard (NYT-1)
  • Glenn D. Butzer, Illinois (OUT)
  • Bromley, Minnesota (TC-2)


  • Ernest Cozens, Penn (WC–1; OUT; ES; LES; NYT-1; TC-1; NYS; NYH; TEL; NYEW)
  • Archibald V. Arnold, West Point (TC-2; NYT-2; NYEJ)
  • John Twist, Illinois(OUT)
  • Hartman, Syracuse (OUT)
  • Effingham B. Morris Jr., Yale (OUT)
  • Arnold, Army (OUT)
  • Forsman, Lafayette (OUT)


  • Earl Sprackling, Brown (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC–1; OUT; ES; LES; NYT-1; TC-2; NYEJ; NYS; NYH; TEL; NYEW)
  • Arthur H. Howe, Yale (NYT-2; OUT)
  • James Scott, Penn (OUT)
  • John McGovern, Minnesota (College Football Hall of Fame) (TC-1; OUT)
  • Schef, Illinois (OUT)
  • John E. Ingersoll, Dartmouth (OUT; NYEW [fb])
  • Ballou, Princeton (OUT)
  • Cunningham, Indiana (OUT)
  • Dean, Wisconsin (OUT)
  • Fletcher, Purdue (OUT)


  • Percy Wendell, Harvard (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC–1; ES; LES; NYT-1; TC-1; OUT; NYS; NYH [fb]; TEL; NYEW)
  • Talbot Pendleton, Princeton (WC–1; OUT; LES; NYT-2; TC-2; NYEJ; NYH; NYEW)
  • McKay, Brown (NYT-2 [fb]; TC-2; OUT; ES; NYS)
  • Joe Magidsohn, Michigan (TC-1; OUT; TEL)
  • Hamilton Corbett, Harvard (NYT-2; OUT; NYEJ)
  • Fred J. Daly, Yale (NYT-1; OUT)
  • John Rosenwald, Minnesota[12](OUT)
  • John W. Field, Yale (OUT)
  • Fred "Tex" Ramsdell, Penn (OUT)
  • Gill, Indiana (OUT)
  • William Crawley, Chicago (OUT)


  • Leroy Mercer, Penn (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC–1; OUT; ES; LES; TC-1; NYEJ; NYS; NYH [hb]; TEL)
  • John Dalton, Navy (NYT-1; OUT)
  • Hart, Princeton (TC-2)
  • Johnson, Minnesota (OUT)
  • Pete Hauser, Carlisle (OUT)


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