The 1908 College Football All-America team is composed of college football players who were selected as All-Americans by various organizations and writers that chose College Football All-America Teams for the 1908 college football season. The organizations that chose the teams included Walter Camp for Collier's Weekly and Casper Whitney for Outing Magazine.

All-American selections for 1908Edit


  • WC = Collier's Weekly as selected by Walter Camp[1]
  • CON = Consensus based on All-American teams selected by 25 football experts; number indicates how many of the 25 experts selected the individual as a first-team All-American; any player with at least 5 of 25 selections is listed hear as a second-team selection: CON-2[2]
  • NYW = New York World, selected by former Yale quarterback Tad Jones[3]
  • PI = Philadelphia Inquirer, selected by Franklin[4]
  • FY = Fielding H. Yost, football coach of the University of Michigan[5]
  • TT = Tom Thorpe, former star tackle and captain of Columbia[6]
  • NYG = New York Globe[7]
  • CSM = Christian Science Monthly[8]
  • NYT = The New York Times[9]
  • NYET = New York Evening Telegram[9]
  • BSU = Brooklyn Standard Union[8]
  • BP = Boston Post[8]
  • PD = Pittsburgh Dispatch[10]
  • NHR = New Haven Register[10]
  • TJ = Tad Jones[10]
  • KCJ = Kansas City Journal[10]
  • PP = Philadelphia Press[11]
  • PT = Philadelphia Times[11]
  • PES = Philadelphia Evening Star[11]
  • WH = Washington Herald, selected by William Peet[10]
  • CIO = Chicago Inter-Ocean[10]
  • FC = Fred Crolius[10]
  • Bold - Consensus All-American[12]
  • 1 - First Team Selection
  • 2 - Second Team Selection
  • 3 - Third Team Selection


  • Hunter Scarlett, Penn (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; CON-1 [23]; NYW; PI; FY; TT; NYG; CSM; NYET; BSU; BP; PD; TJ; KCJ; PP; PT; PES; WH; FC)
  • George Schildmiller, Dartmouth (WC-1; CON-1 [18]; PI; TT; NYG; NYT; NYET; BSU; BP; PD; PT; PES; CIO; FC)
  • Fisher, Syracuse (NYW; FY; TJ; KCJ)
  • Dennie, Brown (WC-2; CSM; NHR)
  • Reifsnider, Navy (WC-2)
  • Harlan Page, Chicago (WC-3)
  • Johnson, Army (WC-3)
  • Kennedy, Dartmouth (NYT; NHR; WH)
  • Brown, Harvard (PP)


  • Hamilton Fish, Harvard (WC-1; CON-1 [14]; PI; FY; TT; NYG; CSM; NYT; BSU; BP; KCJ; PT; FC)
  • Frank Horr, Syracuse (WC-1; CON-2 [9]; NYG; NYET; PD [g]; PES [g])
  • Percy Northcroft, Navy (WC-3; CIO)
  • Dexter Draper, Penn (WC-3; CON-1 [13]; PI; TT; BSU; BP; PD; NHR; PP; PT; PES; WH; FC)
  • Rudolph Siegling, Princeton (WC-2; CON-2 [11]; NYW-1; NYT; BP [g]; PD; TJ; PP; WH; CIO)
  • Daniel Pullen, Army (NYW; FY; TJ; KCJ)
  • McKay, Harvard (CSM)
  • Arthur Brides, Yale (NHR)


  • Hamlin Andrus, Yale (WC-2; CON-1 [13]; NYW; NYT; NYET; BSU; TJ; KCJ; PT; PES)
  • William Goebel, Yale (WC-1; CON-1 [16]; PI; FY; TT; NYG; CSM; NYT; PD; NHR; PP; WH; CIO; FC)
  • Bernard O'Rourke, Cornell (WC-2; NYET; PES; WH [g])
  • Clark Tobin, Dartmouth (WC-1; CON-2 [12]; PI; FY; TT; NYG; CSM; NYET; BSU; BP; KCJ)
  • Hoar, Harvard (WC-3; NYW; TJ; PP)
  • Francis Burr, Havard (PT)
  • John Messmer, Wisconsin (WC-2)
  • Forest Van Hook, Illinois (WC-3)
  • Waugh, Syracuse (NHR)
  • Rich, Dartmouth (FC)


  • Charles Nourse, Harvard (WC-1; CON-1 [12]; NYG; NYT; CIO [g])
  • Germany Schulz, Michigan (College Football Hall of Fame) (CON-2 [9]; NYW; PI; FY; TT; CSM; NYET; BSU; BP; PD; NHR; TJ; KCJ; PP; PT; PES)
  • Wallace Philoon, Army (WC-2; WH; CIO; FC)
  • Brusse, Dartmouth (WC-3)


  • Walter Steffen, Chicago (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; FY; NYET; PD; NHR; KCJ)
  • Ed Lange, Navy (CON-1 [12]; TT; NYG; BP; PP; WH; CIO)
  • Albert Miller, Penn (WC-3; CON-2 [6]; PI; BSU; TJ; PT; PES; FC)
  • Cutler, Harvard (WC-2; CSM; NYT)


  • Hamilton Corbett, Harvard (CIO)
  • Bill Hollenback, Penn (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; CON-1 [21]; NYW; PI; FY; TT; NYG; NYT; NYET; BSU; BP; PD; TJ; KCJ; PP; PT; PES; WH; FC)
  • Frederick Tibbott, Princeton (WC-1; CON-1 [21]; NYW; FY; TT; CSM; NYT; NYET; BSU; BP; NHR; TJ; KCJ; PP; PT; PES; WH; CIO)
  • Jim Thorpe, Carlisle (College and Pro Football Hall of Fame) (WC-3; PI)
  • Ernest Ver Wiebe, Harvard (WC-2; CSM; NHR)
  • John W. Mayhew, Brown (WC-2)
  • Gray, Amherst (WC-3)
  • Walder, Cornell (PD)


  • Ted Coy, Yale (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; CON-1 [24]; NYW; PI; FY; TT; NYG; CSM; NYT; NYET; BSU; BP; PD; NHR; TJ; KCJ; PP; PT; PES; WH; CIO [e]; FC)
  • George Walder, Cornell (WC-2; CIO; FC)
  • George McCaa, Lafayette (WC-3)


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