1904 Michigan Wolverines football
National Champions (Billingsley)
Big Ten Co-Champions
ConferenceBig Ten Conference
1904 record10–0 (2–0 Big Ten)
Head coachFielding H. Yost (4th season)
CaptainWilliam Heston
Home stadiumRegents Field
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1904 Big 9 football standings
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Team W   L   T     W   L   T
Minnesota § 3 0 0     13 0 0
Michigan § 2 0 0     10 0 0
Chicago 5 1 1     10 1 1
Illinois 3 1 1     9 2 1
Northwestern 1 2 0     8 2 0
Purdue 1 2 0     9 3 0
Iowa 0 3 0     7 4 0
Wisconsin 0 3 0     5 3 0
Indiana 0 3 0     6 4 0
§ – Conference co-champions

The 1904 Michigan Wolverines football team represented the University of Michigan in the 1904 college football season. In the team's fourth season under head coach Fielding H. Yost, the Wolverines compiled a perfect 10–0 record and outscored opponents 567–22. The 1904 team was the fourth of Yost's legendary "Point-a-Minute" teams. Michigan's games were of varying length from 22½ minutes to 70 minutes. Over the course of ten games, Michigan played 476 minutes of football and averaged a point scored for every 50.3 seconds played. The team included future College Football Hall of Fame inductee Willie Heston, who scored 20 touchdowns for 100 points that season; touchdowns were worth five points under 1904 rules.


Date Time Opponent Site Result Attendance
October 1, 1904* Case Regents FieldAnn Arbor, MI W 33–0    
October 5, 1904* Ohio Northern Regents Field • Ann Arbor, MI W 48–0    
October 8, 1904* Kalamazoo Regents Field • Ann Arbor, MI W 95–0    
October 12, 1904* College of Physicians & Surgeons (Chicago) Regents Field • Ann Arbor, MI W 72–0   1,500
October 15, 1904* at Ohio State University ParkColumbus, OH W 31–6   8,000
October 19, 1904* American Medical School Regents Field • Ann Arbor, MI W 72–0    
October 22, 1904* West Virginia Regents Field • Ann Arbor, MI W 130–0   4,000
October 29, 1904 at Wisconsin Randall FieldMadison, WI W 28–0   11,000
November 5, 1904* Drake Regents Field • Ann Arbor, MI W 36–4    
November 12, 1904† Chicago Regents Field • Ann Arbor, MI W 22–12   13,000
*Non-Conference Game. Homecoming. All times are in Eastern Time.

Game summariesEdit

Michigan 33, Case 0Edit

File:1904 Michigan football team.png

Michigan opened the 1904 college football season on October 1 with a 33–0 win over Cleveland's Case School of Applied Science. The game was played in 20-minute halves, and the Wolverines scored 22 points in the first half. Numerous substitutions were made at half-time, and the backup players added 11 points in the second half. Fullback Frank Longman scored three touchdowns in the game, and Willie Heston, Walter Rheinschild, and Joe Curtis scored one touchdown each. Tom Hammond converted three extra point kicks. Heston's touchdown came on a 75-yard run. Case managed only one first down in the game.

The Michigan players appearing in the game were: John Garrels (left end), Joe Curtis (left tackle), Henry Schulte (left guard), Ted Hammond (starting center), Germany Schulz (right guard), Roy Beechler (starting right tackle and substitute at center), Smull (substitute at right tackle), Tom Hammond (starting right end), Harry Patrick (substitute at right end), Fred Norcross (starting quarterback and substitute at right halfback), Walter Becker (substitute at quarterback), Willie Heston (starting left halfback), William Dennison Clark (substitute at left halfback), Ted Stuart (starting right halfback), James DePree (substitute at right halfback), Frank Longman (starting fullback), and Walter Rheinschild (substitute at fullback).

Player Position Starter Touchdowns Extra points Field goalsPoints
Heston Left halfbackYes1005
Curtis Left tackleYes1005
Tom HammondRight endNo0303
Total -- --63033

Michigan 48, Ohio Northern 0Edit

In the second game of the 1904 season, Michigan defeated Ohio Northern, 38–0, in a game consisting of halves of 20 and 15 minutes. Willie Heston scored three touchdowns and had runs of 45, 32, 35 and 30 yards.

Player Position Starter Touchdowns Extra points Field goalsPoints
HestonLeft halfbackYes30015
Tom HammondRight endYes05213
H. Hammond FullbackYes20010
Clark FullbackNo1005
Hal WeeksRight halfbackNo1005
Total -- --75248

Michigan 95, Kalamazoo 0Edit

In the third game of the season, Michigan defeated Kalamazoo College, 95–0, in a game consisting of two 20-minute halves. Heston scored six touchdowns and had long touchdown runs of 65, 70, 85 and 65 yards.

Player Position Starter Touchdowns Extra points Field goalsPoints
HestonLeft halfbackYes60030
H. Hammond FullbackYes50025
Tom HammondRight tackleYes015015
Patrick Left tackleNo20010
Hal WeeksRight halfbackNo1005
ClarkRight endNo1005
Total -- --1615095

Michigan 72, Physicians & Surgeons 0Edit

In the fourth game of the season, Michigan defeated the Physicians & Surgeons team 72–0 in a short mid-week game lasting only 22½ minutes, a 15-minute first half and a 7½ minute second half. Quarterback Fred Norcross scored four touchdowns, and Heston scored three. Norcross had touchdown runs of 67, 35 and 90 yards.

Player Position Starter Touchdowns Extra points Field goalsPoints
Tom HammondRight tackleYes212022
HestonLeft halfbackYes30015
Curtis Left tackleYes1005
ClarkRight endYes1005
H. Hammond Right halfbackYes1005
Total -- --1212072

Michigan 31, Ohio State 6Edit

Michigan defeated Ohio State, 31–6, in a game consisting of 30-minute halves in Columbus, Ohio. Heston scored three touchdowns, bringing his season total to 16.

Player Position Starter Touchdowns Extra points Field goalsPoints
HestonLeft halfbackYes30015
Tom HammondRight tackleYes03211
H. Hammond Right halfbackYes1005
Total -- --43231

Michigan 72, American Medical School 0Edit

For its sixth game of the season, Michigan played a short mid-week game against the American Medical School. The game consisted of a 20-minute first half and a 3½ minute second half. Right halfback Clark led the scoring with four touchdowns. Weeks scored three touchdowns. Heston was limited to a single touchdown.

Player Position Starter Touchdowns Extra points Field goalsPoints
ClarkRight halfbackYes40020
Hal WeeksFullbackYes30015
Curtis Left tackleYes15010
Magoffin Left halfbackNo1207
Carter Right guardYes1005
Heston Left halfbackYes1005
Rheinschild Left endNo1005
Patrick Left tackleNo1005
Total -- --137072

Michigan 130, West Virginia 0Edit

The most lopsided score in Michigan football history. In a game consisting of 25 and 20-minute halves, the Wolverines scored 22 touchdowns and 20 extra points (which would have resulted in a margin of 152-0 under modern scoring rules). Joe Curtis alone accounted for 49 points with six touchdowns and 19 extra points. The undefeated 1904 team won Michigan's fourth national championship and scored 567 points in 476 minutes of football, averaging a point every 50.3 seconds. For the first time in the 1904 season, Heston did not score.

Player Position Starter Touchdowns Extra points Field goalsPoints
Curtis Left tackleYes619049
Magoffin Right halfbackYes21011
Graham Right tackleYes1005
Patrick Right tackleNo1005
H. Hammond Right endYes1005
Schulte Left guardYes1005
Carter Right guardYes1005
Becker QuarterbackNo1005
Total -- --22200130

Michigan 28, Wisconsin 0Edit

Michigan played its first full-length game (two 35-minute halves) of the season against Wisconsin. Michigan won the game, 28–0. Heston and Carter each scored two touchdowns, and Norcross added another.

Player Position Starter Touchdowns Extra points Field goalsPoints
Heston Left halfbackYes20010
Carter Right guardYes20010
Norcross QuarterbackYes1005
Tom HammondRight halfbackYes0202
CurtisLeft tackleYes0101
Total -- --53028

Michigan 36, Drake 4Edit

In its ninth game, Michigan defeated the team from Drake by a score of 36–4. The game was played in two 25-minute halves. Curtis led the scoring with 16 points on two touchdowns and six extra point kicks. Willie Heston did not play in the game.

Player Position Starter Touchdowns Extra points Field goalsPoints
Curtis Left tackleYes26016
Carter Right guardYes20010
Stuart Right endYes1005
Tom HammondRight halfbackYes1005
Total -- --66036

Michigan 22, Chicago 12Edit

Michigan concluded an undefeated season with a 22–12 win over the University of Chicago on November 12. The game, played in 35-minute halves, featured several College Football Hall of Fame inductees, including Walter Eckersall and Hugo Bezdek for Chicago and Willie Heston and Germany Schulz for Michigan. Heston, Eckersall and Bezdek each scored single touchdowns, but the lead scorer was Michigan's Tom Hammond with 17 points on three touchdowns and two extra points. Heston finished the season with 20 touchdowns for 100 points.

Player Position Starter Touchdowns Extra points Field goalsPoints
Tom HammondRight halfbackYes32017
Heston Left halfbackYes1005
Total -- --42022


Varsity letter winnersEdit

The following 13 players received varsity "M" letters for their participation on the 1904 football team:[1]

Player Position Games
Charles B. Carter Right guard 8Lewiston, Maine
William Dennison Clark Left end
Right end
Right halfback
Detroit, Michigan
Joe Curtis Left tackle 10Brooklyn, New York
Walter D. Graham Right tackle 6Chicago, Illinois
Harry S. Hammond Right end
Right halfback
Chicago, Illinois
Tom Hammond Right tackle
Right end
Right halfback
Chicago, Illinois
Willie Heston Left halfback 9Grants Pass, Oregon
Frank Longman Fullback 4Battle Creek, Michigan
Fred Norcross Quarterback 10Menominee, Michigan
Henry Schulte Left guard
Jefferson Barracks, Missouri
Germany Schulz Center
Left guard
Right guard
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Ted Stuart Right end
Right halfback
Chariton, Iowa
Harold Weeks Fullback
Left end
Allegan, Michigan

Scoring leadersEdit

Player Touchdowns Extra points Field goalsPoints
Willie Heston 2000100
Tom Hammond642488
Joe Curtis1131086
Fred Norcross100050
Harry Hammond100050
Wm. Clark100050
Charles Carter60030
Harold Weeks50025
Harry Patrick40020
Paul Magoffin33018
Frank Longman30015
Walter Rheinschild20010
Henry Schulte20010
Walter Graham1005
Walter Becker1005
Ted Stuart1005



Awards and honorsEdit

Coaching staffEdit


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