1900 Homestead Library & Athletic Club season
Head Coach
Home Field Pittsburgh baseball park
Place 1st
Playoff Finish No playoffs until 1932
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None 1901

The 1900 Homestead Library & Athletic Club football team won the professional football championship of 1900. The team was affiliated with the Homestead Library & Athletic Club in Homestead, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. The team featured a lineup of former college All-Americans paid by Pittsburgh Pirates owner William Chase Temple.

Organization[edit | edit source]

In 1898, William Chase Temple took over the Duquesne Country and Athletic Club, becoming the first individual team owner in professional football. In 1900, most of the Duquesne players were hired by the Homestead Library & Athletic Club, by offering them higher salaries.[1]

Over the next two season (1900 and 1901), Homestead fielded the best professional football team in the country and did not lose a game. The 1900 team reportedly paid its player "from $50 to $100 a game plus 'expenses.'"[2]

After two years as captain of the Duquesne team, Dave Fultz from Brown University was hired by Homestead and served as the team's captain. Other players for the 1900 Homestead team included Pete Overfield (center from Penn), Bemus Pierce, Art Poe (end from Princeton), Otto Wagenhurst (from Penn), Charlie Gelbert (end from Penn), Church (tackle from Princeton), John Hall (end from Yale), George Young (from Cornell), J. A. Gammons (from Brown University), Willis Richardson (from Brown), Artie Miller (from the Carlisle Indian School), Lewis (from Georgetown), Winstein (guard from Brown), Edward (guard from Princeton), Young (quarterback from Cornell), and Kennedy (quarterback from the University of Chicago).[2][3][4]

Season summary[edit | edit source]

  • November 3, 1900: Homestead 11, Latrobe 0, game played at Latrobe
  • November 6, 1900: Homestead 10, Duquesne 0, game played at Pittsburgh
  • November 17, 1900: Homestead __, Lehigh __, game played at Pittsburgh
  • November 24, 1900: Homestead 30, East End Athletics 0, game played at Homestead
  • November 29, 1900: Homestead 12, Latrobe 0, game played at Pittsburgh

Season schedule[edit | edit source]

Week Date Opponent Result
1 W
2 W
3 W
4 W
5 W
6 W
7 W
8 W

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References[edit | edit source]

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