The 1897 College Football All-America team is composed of college football players who were selected as All-Americans for the 1897 college football season, as selected by Walter Camp for Harper's Weekly. Caspar Whitney had selected the Harper's Weekly All-American Team from 1891 to 1896, but Whitney was on a world's sports tour during the 1897 season, and Camp therefore substituted for Whitney.

All-American selections for 1897Edit

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  • Garrett Cochran, Princeton (WC-1; OUT-1; NYS-1; LES-1)
  • John A. Hall, Yale (WC-1; OUT-2; NYS-2; LES-2)
  • Sam Boyle, Penn (WC-2; OUT-1; LES-1)
  • William McKeever, Cornell (WC-2)
  • John Babcock Moulton, Harvard (WC-3; NYS-1)
  • Lyndon S. Tracy, Cornell (WC-3)
  • Norman Cabot, Harvard (NYS-2; LES-2)
  • Craig, Princeton (NYS-2)
  • Josiah J. Hazen, Yale (OUT-2)


John Outland

John H. Outland of Penn.





  • Benjamin Dibblee, Harvard (WC-1; OUT-1; NYS-1; LES-2)
  • Addison Kelly, Princeton (WC-1; OUT-1; NYS-2; LES-2)
  • Dave Fultz, Brown (WC-2; OUT-2; NYS-1; LES-1)
  • William F. Nesbitt, Army (WC-2)
  • William Bannard, Princeton (WC-3; NYS-2)
  • George B. Walbridge, Lafayette (WC-3)
  • Charles T. Dudley, Yale (OUT-2; NYS-2)


  • John Minds, Penn (College Football Hall of Fame) (WC-1; OUT-1; NYS-2; LES-1)
  • Malcolm McBride, Yale (WC-2; NYS-2; LES-2)
  • Powell Wheeler, Princeton (WC-3; LES-1)
  • Edward G. Bray, Lafayette (OUT-2)


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