Canadian Football News in 1887Edit

The ORFU withdrew from the CRFU and the governing body ceased to function.[1] The St.John's Rugby Football Club (St.John's) formed in October 1887. The St. John's team met the Winnipeg Football Club (Winnipegs) to determine the first ever Manitoba champions. After splitting the first two games, a third game was scheduled to determine the winner. The Winnipegs won by a goal and a try to nil. All games were scored using the challenge system which credited the team with the most goals as the winner. The games were unofficially scored using the points system used by the CRU in eastern Canada. Based on the points system, the Winnipegs won all three games.

Final regular season standingsEdit

Note: GP = Games Played, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PF = Points For, PA = Points Against, Pts = Points

Quebec Rugby Football Union [2]
Team GP W L T PF PA Pts
Montreal Football Club 2 2 0 0 52 15
McGill University 2 1 1 0 8 23
Britannia Football Club 1 0 1 0 15 33
St. George's College 1 0 1 0 4 8
*Bold text means that they have clinched the playoffs

League ChampionsEdit

Football Union League Champion
ORFU Ottawa College
QRFU Montreal Football Club



QRFU Final Edit

QRFU Final
Montreal Football Club 19 McGill University 0

ORFU City FinalEdit

ORFU Final
Hamilton Tigers 13 Ottawa Football Club

ORFU College FinalEdit

ORFU Final
Ottawa College 9 University of Toronto 0

ORFU FinalEdit

ORFU Final
Ottawa College 15 Hamilton Tigers 0

Dominion ChampionshipEdit

November 5

1887 Dominion Championship Game: McGill Stadium - Montreal, Quebec

Ottawa College 10 Montreal Football Club 5


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